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Painting with a Purpose

Host your next fundraising event at Mr. Toad's Pottery- Create memories and awareness for your cause or organization!












We donate the use of our studio for your big event, help with advertising and handle the funds!


It's simple as calling and setting up a date and time for your event. We will create your marketing materials, post an event on social media, create a ticketed event for your event and promote it on the homepage of our website and send it out in newsletters to our subscriber list. You can bring food and drinks, raffle prizes or set up an informational table at your event.

The value of the ticket is 100% funds raised for your cause and if you have over 25 people painting over $25 worth of pottery the day of your big event, we will donate an additional percentage to your cause and cut you the check the night of your event.

We work to make your event a success as we love giving back to our community through art!

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