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How to Paint a Dual Sided Masterpiece

Painting a piece that can be used for multiple purposes like the Spooky Sweet House Lantern is fun project for all levels of painters. The process in painting this dual sided house uses only one technique that will create a stunning home decor you will enjoy for years to come.

First, you want to paint the Spooky side with one coat of black paint watered down to allow it to flow darker into the grooves. Load your brush with black paint, then dip into water and paint in short up and down brush strokes over the entire side of the house with windows. This technique gives you a distressed look to your textured areas.

Second, paint the entire other side of the house in the same fashion with a brownish yellow color.

Next, we will finish with details like adding the multicolored gumdrops/lights and then painting the roof a solid color on either half and painting the lawn a grass green color.

Finally, after your piece has been glazed and fired you can add bits of no-fire snow on your sweet side.

Now you will have a perfect decoration for both Halloween and Christmas. You can add a tea light or a strand of Halloween colored lights inside the lantern.

We are hosting a class for this Spooky Sweet House Lantern on October 17th at 4pm. This class is being held during the National PYOP Day! Come out and celebrate with us from 12 to 8!

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