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How To Paint & Level Up a Gamer Box

  1. Use tape to mask off a ¼" section around the bottom of the box.

  2. Squirt nickel sized puddles of Hot Tamale and Brown Cow on top of each other and mix (50/50) to create a brick red color.

  3. Paint 2 coats of the brick red color on the lid using a fan brush. Be sure to paint the edges of the lid as well.

  4. Paint 2 coats of the brick red on the ¼" space that is around the bottom of the box using either the #4 Fan or #6 Round Brush.

  5. While the glaze is still damp, carefully remove the masking tape from the bottom of the box to reveal a clean edge.

  6. Squirt a dime sized amount of Brown Cow on a palette. Using a small square paint brush paint lines across the top of the box.

  7. Mix a dime sized amount of Tuxedo into the leftover Brown Cow on your palette to make a darker brown. You may need to add more Brown Cow to this mixture to ensure it's more brown than black.

  8. Then paint across the lid with the small square brush using the darker brown created to create the "brick" look.

  9. Pour out a nickel size amount of Blue Dawn and using a damp sponge pounce and drag on the blue paint to create the sky.

  10. Take a pencil and lightly sketch simple hills and bushes.

  11. Fill in the hills with 2-3 coats of Green Thumb using the round brushes.

  12. Fill in the bushes with 2-3 coats of Sour Apple using the smaller round brush.

  13. Paint 2 coats of Hot Tamale on the cap of the Mushroom Tot. Let it dry.

  14. Using the larger round brush, stipple (apply in a pouncing motion) Cotton Tail to create clouds in the sky. Make sure to go over the clouds with 2 coats of Cotton Tail.

  15. Fill in the dots on the mushroom with 2 coats of Cotton Tail.

  16. Using a detail liner brush and Tuxedo, paint 2 vertical lines on the stem of the mushroom to create "eyes".

  17. Add Tuxedo dash accent marks to the bricks and hills. Let it dry.

  18. You Toadily Leveled up this Box!

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