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How to Paint with Lace

lace painted kitchen utensil holder

  1. Paint 2 coats of Old Lace around the outside center (where the lace will go) of your piece using a fan brush.

  2. While still wet, start the lace at one corner of the piece placing the lace over the glazed areas and wrap it around the utensil holder meeting back at the corner (this way the seam will be in a corner and be less noticeable.) Make sure to smooth out the lace so it is tight around the holder.

  3. Paint 1 thin coat of Old Lace mixed with water on top of the lace to secure it in place. Let it dry.

  4. Dip your hydra art sponge in Fruit of the Vine and rub inside the piece. Make sure to rub the sponge in the same direction around the inside of the piece.

  5. Use a fan brush or sponge dotter to apply Fruit of the Vine on the outside of the utensil holder. Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies of the lace.

  6. While the purple glaze is still wet, carefully peel away the lace.

  7. Touch up any areas on the border around the lace with Fruit of the Vine if needed. Let it dry.

  8. You Toadily Created a Lace Piece!

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