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Storytime Colorbook Canvas Series Continues with new dates posted!

Mr. Toad's Pottery is presenting new art filled story time hour, complete with a engaging and interactive retelling of an adventure read by Mr. Connor McCabe. His renditions of the stories are energetic, comical and complete with voices for every character.

Connor reading Marshall Mellow during Mr. Toad's team meeting.

Your child will certainly enjoy the story followed by a guided lesson on how to use color theory to recreate a character from the story. Children will discover through creativity lessons in mixing colors, using various brushes and painting styles on their pre-drawn colorbook canvas. The canvas is 12" x 16", the perfect size to display on their bedroom wall or playroom. The children's artwork will be ready to take home the same day it's painted.

Registration for upcoming Storytime Colorbook Canvas can be made online at

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